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When you buy propionate, do you know exactly what you are getting?

Propionate, another testosterone enanthate compound, contains nandrolone. Along with deca and anadur, propionate is another favorite in the athletic community because of decent results and few side effects. When you buy propionate, you are getting less of an effect than deca, but not by much. Because propionate is slightly androgenic, less aromatization occurs; meaning less estrogenic characteristics will follow. This also means propionate has a strong anabolic effect, translating to good protein synthesis, and quicker recovery times. Quick, solid gains have been reported from many who have chosen to buy propionate. This drug does require more dosages than deca to achieve these effects, however.


Are you aware of the side effects, if any when you buy propionate?

The side effects with propionate are minimal compared to other steroids with similar characteristics. But, they do exist, even though they are rare in men, slightly less so in women. High blood pressure and high cholesterol levels are possible when you buy propionate, as well as acne, gynocomastia, and hair loss. Generally, these side effects disappear upon discontinuing use of propionate.